Our "Long Tail" YouTube Marketing Strategy Results

The way business is conducted is changing. What's more, according to Google , when brands use TrueView, they can see views of existing content increase by up to 500%. And in a fast-paced, highly reactive social media landscape, Brand24 even helps you spot problematic messaging issues in your videos immediately, so you can resolve the problem before criticism escalates.

Once your video has been edited and it's ready for publishing, it's time to upload it to your YouTube channel. Real talk: if you're hatching plans to begin marketing on YouTube this year, you need to be savvy about it. YouTube has more than 50 million content creators churning out videos regularly, so your own content has to stand out.

If you do create a longer video, experiment with how you present content — the pacing, story arc, and visuals — to keep viewers interested throughout. Sometimes, it only takes a subtle sound effect layer in the background of a scene to elevate the production quality of your video and really pull your audience into the story.

With this guide we'll give you insights Youtube to demonstrate how to optimize your Social Media use to reflect your target audience composition. Therefore, the videos help each other increase views. To optimize your video, include keywords in the first 25 words, make the description at least 250 words, and include your keywords 2-4 times.

You can also use it to determine if following links from social media sites are effective at attracting audiences. It'd be a waste of time for YouTube to pay itself for ads. Sometimes, the easiest way to get what you want is to ask for it. There's a reason every YouTuber ends their videos with a verbal call to Like, share, and subscribe”—it works, and takes zero effort.

If you have a Google AdWords account (if not, learn how to set one up here ), you can pay to promote your videos on YouTube itself. The first thing Owen cautions against Youtube marketing tips is using YouTube as a compilation channel, a holding ground for every video you've ever made.

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