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I've been reading lots lately about how small businesses can best use YouTube in their online marketing efforts and I'd like to share some useful things I've learned. Google search results: Since YouTube is owned by Google, you will usually see one or two YouTube videos in the top ten results of a Google search. Plus, links to your content from social media sites signal to Google that the YouTube video is in demand. Of course another point to consider with making YouTube work as a marketing tool is building the awareness of people.

We looked at some of the most popular Minecraft YouTube videos to discover which creators, publishers, and brands are driving the conversation around this popular game. There are a lot of YouTube channels that will tell you how to be a good marketer, no guesswork required.

In fact, incorporating YouTube into your marketing strategy is an enticing option because of video. It isn't enough to entertain buyers with your YouTube videos. The Progressive , an insurance company, has created a number of tips for small businesses, ranging from how to hire a developer, even as you work your marketing.

3) Be clear on your target audience if you want YouTube marketing to work for your small business. Showing someone how to quickly complete a task is one of the most effective YouTube marketing formats for promoting your Youtube promotion brand. Create videos that are relevant and helpful to your target audience.

Learn how to monetize your videos by tapping into different monetization strategies, including brand partnerships, affiliate deals, crowdfunding, and more. Regardless, the reason so many businesses use YouTube marketing is that it's so effective. In addition, no one on social media really wants to spend an eternity watching a lengthy video.

This will include analyzing your current customer base and engagement on your other marketing channels. In addition to being the second largest search engine, YouTube traffic is insane. Look at the video content you're creating and think of ways to modify that content for viewers, their interests, and anything else that would make them want to click on your video.

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